Maison Alfort (94)

Design Competition Design Execution Service and Maintenance for the construction of the AGORA building of the National Veterinary School of Alfort

PROJECT OWNERNational Veterinary School of Alfort
GROUPEIFFAGE Construction – Group Mandatory
ART’UR ARCHITECTESS – Project Management Mandaroty
INCET / EODD / BIM.B Structures bois

SURFACEApprox. 5200 sq.m.
BUDGET11 750 000 € (pre-tax value)
PHASECompetition 2018
(discontinued project)


Set in a outstanding context: Adopt an approach that enhances the existing situation.
To design an “iconic building” that synthesises yesterday’s qualities, today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

Thinking about the design of an “iconic building” such as the Agora means entering into dialogue with its history and its present qualities in order to place them at the service of new challenges. It means questioning the cohabitation between ancient architectural elements with a high heritage value on the one hand, and a constantly changing use, which requires a quick adaptation of the areas to the new teaching methods.

The subject is complex: it is a question of both putting the education services provided at the cutting edge of today’s challenges in terms of modern equipment, while already anticipating the changes in tomorrow’s educational issues, and without losing sight of the heritage of the long line of traditions linked to the practice of animal health. Today, more than ever before, the question of animal health and welfare is at the centre of a profound ethical introspection, ranging from the evolution of the care systems themselves, to the evolution of a more general cultural behaviour that permanently reexamines our complex relationship with animals.

These topics are at the forefront of current ethical and societal issues. In this regard, our responsibility as designers must address a threefold problem: spatial, temporal and ethical. The idea being to find the right architectural synthesis, in a project that brings all these issues together in one answer: the AGORA.